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My name is Melody Reese. I am a wife, a mother of three an artist and designer. I received a degree in Interior Design in 2007. While attending school I interned at a great architectural firm, Panzica Building Corporation, which provided me with an additional four years of hands-on experience while working on my degree. After graduating I accepted a job as Project Designer with Holladay Properties, a great company to work for and a market leader in the commercial real estate industry. At Holladay, I had a role in a myriad of projects ranging from site planning, to interior finish selections, space plans to construction drawings. I have worked on commercial and industrial spaces, offices, medical spaces, restaurants, hotels, student housing and private residences. While working on a few of these projects, I dabbled deeper into my artistic side and provided some art, in various forms. The last two years, my focus has shifted more to the residential design side as I love working alongside people to improve their daily living spaces.

  • Quaker Steak & Lube - A restaurant in Portage, IN. I worked on procuring, creating and arranging many of the interior decor pieces that give Quaker its unique look.

  • Egg on Your Face - Holladay teamed up with a restaurant manager to create a unique concept restaurant called Egg On Your Face, also located in Portage, IN. I worked with a team in developing the menu and logo/name/theme. I was responsible for the restaurant's layout and finishes. I also created some very unique and fun banners that hung from the ceiling and portrayed various blunders from history, the theme of the restaurant.

  • Gino's East Pizzeria - In Granger, IN. Holladay Properties leased space to a franchise of the pizza company based out of Chicago IL. The franchisee had asked my advice on the interior art package, available through the franchise. I told him I could do better, he gave me the opportunity, and I did! Gino's East decor consists of "pizza art". The walls are filled with everything themed around pizza. I created 100+ pieces of custom framed pizza art, not to mention the various other 3-D pizza items scattered throughout. Gino's East corporate was so impressed with the new pizza photos that they struck  a deal to get a copy of my pizza art for themselves.

  • South Bend Medical Foundation - This was one of my favorite projects. During an assignment to select interior finishes and new furniture selections for a remodel of South Bend Medical Foundation, in South Bend, IN, I was asked to offer some wall art options.  I suggested a variety of options; nature photographs, posters of famous art pieces, and a unique custom option..."Blood Art". I think the name threw them at first, but after the idea set in, they accepted. South Bend Medical Foundation has been a part of the community for 100+ years. They are the local go-to location for medical blood testing and donating. Since "blood" is what they do, I found it very fitting to create artwork in that theme. Since the site of blood is scary to some, I had to be careful. I used images of blood, as seen under a microscope, and put an interesting spin on them...creating pieces that look more like modern pieces of art that almost pop off the wall. They have been a success! After this project was completed, I also created new pieces for their third order.

This brings me to where I am now. Besides having a good eye for color and space layout, I have a very artistic side and would love to create something for you. Maybe you have a commercial or residential space that could use a facelift. I could do that. Perhaps you have one wall that just needs "something". I could do that. Maybe you would love to have a piece of art created just for you, but you think you couldn't afford to do it. Why not ask? I bet it is more affordable than you think. Let me know your need and I will let you know how I can help!


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