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Interior Design

​Residential or Commercial, I have experience. When most people think of Interior Design they think of paint colors, drapes, sofa selections and a cute little picture on the wall. I could do that, and so much more!


Commercial Building Design:​

- Site Layouts

- Building Layouts

- Construction Drawings (I am not an Architect so I have one review and stamp my finished drawings. I do not attempt structural drawings, best done by a Structural Engineer. I can layout MEP drawings but I have those trades use their certified contacts to create permitting/construction drawings.)

-Interior Finish Selections

-Exterior Finish and Color Selections and 


-Project Management


Residential Design:​

- Color Selections - color can make or break a space, sometimes all you need is a little advice or someone to put together some options, based on your tastes.

- Furniture - is your space "missing" something? Maybe you just need help figuring out your style or what to add to your room to give it a pop! Sometimes all you need is a little advice on how to arrange what you already have. Or maybe you hate to shop and would love for someone to procure items for you. I would love to do that!

- Remodel or New Construction - big or small, I can assist you from start to finish on your design. One room or the entire house...let's make the space work for you.

This is where we can have a little more fun...and add a little extra personalization to your home or business! While I can certainly create a home or business to suite your style, it can be the details, such as artwork, that will really give you that "wow". Is there a feeling or thought that you would like to convey to others without saying a word?

Let's talk for a minute about the custom artwork I created for South Bend Medical Foundation. They have been in our local community for 100 years. They are the go-to location when you need blood work/testing done. Creating custom artwork that "IS" what they "DO" shows that they care and take pride in what they do. If they didn't, they could just order copies of "famous" art online. Their newest location to receive my custom artwork is their Edison Road location in Mishawaka Indiana. This time they asked for small plaques that would let their patrons know just what the individual pieces were, because so many have been asking. With that request I took it a step further and created and interactive gallery. On each name plate there is not only the common name, such as "Red Blood Cells", "DNA", "Fingerprint" etc, but there is also a QR code. You know, those square bar codes you scan with your smart phone. This creates an interactive gallery for any patron willing to participate. There are interesting little facts about each part of the body that correlates to the art piece.  Who knew Mishawaka had a free art gallery you could visit while waiting to get your blood drawn! I know they always need more blood donations, maybe visiting the interactive gallery would be a good excuse to donate blood! I actually do have a mini-gallery (with eight pieces on one wall) in the Blood Donor Recovery Area...go check it out!

So, what could I design for you? Give me a call at (574) 850-1874 or e-mail me, even if you don't know exactly what you need...I can come up with something perfect and just for you!

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